Adventurers crash without fuel. This drove us to imagine and create mouthwatering, all-natural treats that come from and are part of our local habitat. We’re excited to introduce our first line of Yellowstone Foods snacks, made to feed your Montana adventure, anytime and anywhere.

Every snack has a story

Last Chance Gulch Miner’s Cookie

Cherry Chocolate Chip

Helena, Montana’s Main Street has always been known as 'Last Chance Gulch' as the thoroughfare was built around the actual gulch in which gold was discovered in 1864. The road meanders through town because it was originally routed between mining claims. Miners used to stop by the local bakery to grab cookies to take with them while they panned for gold and worked their sluices. Our dark chocolate cherry chip cookies are based on an old Montana family recipe from one of our Founders that dates back four generations.


Prairie Cookie

Honey Lavender

Fly fishing was introduced in the United States by Europeans in the late 19th century around the same time brown trout were introduced into American waters. Montana quickly became a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts due to its deep waters and beautiful landscapes. Artist Charles Russell captured these mythic Montana scenes with vibrant oranges and lavender hues at daybreak and sunset. Our lavender and honey cookies capture the “flavor” of these vistas with real Montana ingredients that make great snacks to drop into your fly bag or backpack, and pair perfectly with a cup of black coffee or tea.


Butte Miner’s Coffee Crunch Bar

Espresso Hazelnut

Early settlers and immigrants arrived near Butte, Montana in the mid-19th century to work the various mines. Butte is often referred to as the ‘Richest Hill on Earth’ due to all the mining wealth it created through the years. Miners typically worked extremely long, hard days and needed food they could put in their pockets in the mines. One favorite snack bar contained coffee for its caffeine to fuel the miners and local berries for great flavor. Our Miner’s Bar recipe is a perfect blend inspired by that history while using the freshest local Montana ingredients. Butte is also home today to our headquarters.



Huckleberry Vanilla Chip

St. Mary’s Settlement is known as “where Montana began.” Founded at the base of the Bitterroot Mountains, near the modern towns of Stevensville and Hamilton, St. Mary’s is one of the earliest permanent settlements in Montana. In the 1840s, the settlers picked huckleberries that grew in wild, rocky terrain and in high elevations of the surrounding range and Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. Today, this locale serves as the central trade area for hundreds of small farms, ranches and orchards in the valley and huckleberries remain a staple. Our huckleberry vanilla chip trail cookies reflect the bounty of this fertile valley with their bold color and bright taste.


Wagyu Beef Jerky

Handcrafted, Original Smoked

In 1866, Conrad Khors bought land from a gentleman named Grant and sparked the beginning of the Montana cattle empires. Khors, who earned the title “Cattle King of Montana,” expanded his ranch near what is now Deer Lodge to 10 million acres and 50,000 head of cattle in just four years. Montana ranching still flourishes today and produces some of the finest waygu beef in the world. Our Waygu jerky is crafted from that local beef with added touches providing an exceptional tender and flavorful experience that will keep you coming back for more. Our founders are active in the local community near the Grant Khors ranch.


Bison Jerky

Handcrafted, Original Smoked

A Montana cowboy had three items of importance: his horse, his lariat, and his trail food. The camp cook was essential as cowboys would gather ‘round the fire each morning and night for their meals, and during the day the cook would find creative ways to make snacks for them. Between meals, cowboys were often reaching into their saddle packs for jerky. Montana is home to one of the largest bison populations today – both inside Yellowstone Park and on various ranches. Bison meat offers a lean, protein-rich alternative to beef. Our bison jerky is a natural easy-to-grab option that offers a taste of Montana’s history and Yellowstone country.


Black Angus Beef Jerky

Campfire Crisps

The cowboys who brought cattle to Montana and stayed to oversee them liked a spicier and crisper Texas-style jerky. They taught the ranch cooks around Ennis to make what today we bring you as our unique and flavorful melt in your mouth beef crisps.



Our honey is delivered raw from an apiary in Alberton, Montana. Hindu Hillbilly produces nap weed and wildflower honey which has a naturally sweeter flavor.


Our huckleberries are harvested from the wild mountains of western Montana. Huckleberries can’t be cultivated and only grow at a certain altitude, so the exact location is a treasured secret.


All eggs used in our baked goods come from the cage free, free range hens at Farmer Boy Eggs located in Drummond, Montana.


Our flour is harvested from the golden fields of central and western Montana. Wheat Montana in Three Forks has a passion to share Montana’s natural goodness of wheat and grains.


Wagyu is a Japanese breed of cattle. It is one of the most premium types of beef known for its marbled texture. Our beef comes from Belgrade, Montana.