Yellowstone Foods is inspired by the rich history of Montana, blending natural and local ingredients with rustic flavors to create the ultimate snacks for wherever your adventures take you.

We are passionate about bringing food to life by incorporating bits of Montana folklore with delicious recipes, natural ingredients, and a hand-crafted approach.

Our team was created through Montana-forged friendships that led to adventures throughout the mountains and valleys of the Treasure State. It’s a common bond of discovery, restlessness, compassion and exploration. The team at Yellowstone Foods knows that that drive and passion must be fed. So, Yellowstone Foods was born to feed that adventure, and all of yours.

Nick Trott-Rewis

Chief Operating Officer

Nick is originally from Bermuda but has been living In Montana for the last five years, from a young age in the kitchen with his grandmother Nick has always had a passion for food, this fascination has let to 22 years in the Food & Beverage industry.

Honor Mann

Marketing Director

Honor Mann was raised in the natural beauty of the Alaskan wilderness. She went to the lower-48 for college and eventually settled in Butte, Montana. Honor has been in Butte for over a decade and is raising her family there.

Quinn Harp

Chef & GM

Quinn Harp is from the Pacific Northwest and trained as a chef for 10 years before serving as a chef in restaurants, a ranch and for a professional sports team. His diverse culinary experience allows him to blend local Montana ingredients with his unique background to provide a new "snack experience."

Matthew Kelley

Distribution, Sales, and Production Lead

Matthew Kelley is a Tennessee native moved to Montana after college and never left. Matthew loves anything outdoors in Montana and is active outdoors all year.

matt Montgomery

Technology Lead & Sales

Matt Montgomery is originally from California but moved to Montana while in high school. Matt has made Butte, Montana his home and enjoys his hobbies against the majestic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Steven Guggenheimer


Steve Guggenheimer is a Montana resident where he and his wife are actively involved with the local business community and enjoy hosting friends and family to share the beauty of the region with them.

Ted O’Neal


Ted O’Neal is a fourth generation Montana native with deep roots in the State and he and his family remain active in helping foster Montana’s continued growth and adding to its legacy.