Feeding Your
Montana Adventure

& Bars

Yellowstone Foods

We believe that life out West should never slow down, now with Yellowstone Foods you won’t have to. From mouth watering wagyu jerky to huckleberry cookies, we’ll be feeding your Montana adventure every step of the way.

Yellowstone Foods is proud to use entirely compostable packaging, so that we leave our wild places better than we found them.


Our honey is delivered raw from an apiary in Alberton, Montana. Hindu Hill Billy produces nap weed and wildflower honey which has a naturally sweeter flavor.


Our huckleberries are harvested from the wild mountains of western Montana. Huckleberries can’t be cultivated and only grow at a certain altitude so the exact location is a treasured secret.


All eggs used in our baked goods come from the cage free, free range hens at Farmer Boy Eggs located in Drummond, Montana.


Our flour is harvested from the golden fields of central and western Montana. Wheat Montana in Three Forks has a passion to share Montana’s natural goodness of wheat and grains.

Wagyu Jerky

Wagyu is a Japanese breed of cattle. It is one of the most premium types of beef known for its marbled texture. Our jerky comes from Belgrade, Montana.

Interested in feeding your Montana adventure?

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