Continuous Transformation – Slow but Steady

Continuous Transformation – Slow but Steady

As I mentioned in (1) Continuous Transformation - Completely New Things | LinkedIn we are going through the learning curve with "Yellowstone Foods" while also extending the work from this project with both Montana’s Divine Dog Treats and Yellowstone Photography.    Of course, there is also a lot going on with board work and other efforts in Montana, but for this blog I’m going to focus on the work around Yellowstone Foods.

Yellowstone Foods

As the summer season in Montana turns to Fall, it’s been 9 months since my last update on “new things”, so I thought it would be a good time to share some of the progress during that time.  As mentioned previously, my partner Ted O’Neal and I started Yellowstone Foods well over a year ago. The focus of the company is to provide all-natural, delicious snacks inspired by the natural resources and communities of Montana.

We’ve introduced several new snacks over the last few months. Our Bitterroot Valley Trail Cookie is made with wild-grown huckleberries hand-picked from the Rocky Mountains and has quickly become a best seller. Our new Original Smoked Campfire Crisps jerky is made with locally sourced black angus beef and is also a popular addition to our offerings. We also now offer Original Smoked Wagyu Beef jerky and Bison Jerky. We have several more snacks in development, so keep an eye on our socials and website for updates.

We’ve also expanded our retail footprint and are now in more than 50 locations and are working with other large retailers and distributors to expand our retail footprint.  If you have any locations you think might be good outlets, please let us know.

In keeping with our Montana roots, we have recently added our Brand Ambassador Dakota Louis,  He is a born-and-raised Montana rancher who also competes in the Professional Bull Rider circuit with over a decade of experience.   His son, Hayze, also tours with him and competes in junior classes, and is particularly fond of Yellowstone Foods jerky.

As we build the brand and expand our selections, we are adding new ways for people to enjoy our snacks.  A key new offer is our recently launched subscription service, which will allow people to get a monthly goody box with a sampling of each of our snacks.   One of our other updates since our last post was creating a new set of packaging to better highlight our product offering.

We appreciate the feedback and support we have received. We look forward to where the company will go from here!   If you are interested in trying any of our products, please use code BLOG15 for 15% off your order, one time purchase available until Oct 11th.

Montana’s Divine Dog Treats

One of the only by-products of our jerky production is scrap pieces of high-quality meat that are not quite at the level we want for our jerky, but at the same time not something to be wasted.  In the pursuit of utilizing all of the materials we can, we have turned these scrap pieces into dog treats, essentially jerky bites for your canine companions.   We are currently offering this at wholesale for distribution by pet stores but if you’re interested in learning more drop us a note.



Yellowstone Photography

The one other area we’ve been working on is the introduction of Yellowstone Photography under the Yellowstone family of products.  This is a fun extension of the brand that allows us to share some of the state’s unique beauty and diversity. The collection captures the untouchable authenticity that Montana has to offer, from wildlife to the Big Sky Country's breathtaking views.  Our goal is to bring the allure of the West to life, we hope you enjoy it and find something of interest for your collection.

As always wishing everyone the best