Continuous Transformation – New Year & New Opportunities

Continuous Transformation – New Year & New Opportunities

Horse Solider Bourbon and Synergy Global Housing -Partnerships

The new year means new growth and new opportunities. It’s a time to review past experiences and look forward to those yet to come.  There are many things I’ve learned in 2023; some projects are coming to closure (both good and bad), board work continues to be very engaging, and we continue to try find new ways to make Yellowstone Foods a successful venture.  For those of you who are new to this conversation, Yellowstone Foods provides delicious, all-natural snacks, inspired by the historic communities and unique flavors of Montana.

In the last quarter of 2023, Yellowstone Foods has reached out beyond Montana and into stores and distributors in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, California, and Texas. We are excited to add Western Canada to our list of targets for 2024

Growing a niche food-based small business is challenging, so we were very excited to have secured partnerships with two great companies who are both partners and friends to the business, with the goal of growing the business while creating win-win scenarios with our partners and their customers.

Synergy Global Housing

After a successful pilot program returned rave reviews, Synergy Global Housing (Synergy), a serviced accommodation program management leader, has partnered with Yellowstone Foods to distribute its all-natural snacks to guests across California.   The ethos of the 2 companies aligns well around delivery natural snacks to their guests, support for a small business, and the mutual respect for the environment both companies have.  As a frequent traveler I have used Synergy’s accommodations for all my London board work over the last 18 months.  I can vouch for the pleasant surprise having snacks waiting for you upon arrival after a long travel day.  Synergy is starting with an offer of our Last Chance Gulch Cherry Chocolate Chip Miner’s Cookies and our single pack Butte Miner’s Espresso Hazelnut Coffee Crunch Bar to be included in the welcome basket for every new guest in all California locations. Beyond that, Synergy plans to offer the snacks at its other US-based locations in the near future.  We are grateful for the partnership with Synergy. Read the full press release here.

Horse Soldier Bourbon Bison Jerky

In October we partnered with Horse Soldier, the company behind the award-winning Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey. This partnership represents the hard work of two unique small businesses coming together to produce a product based on the best of what both companies offer. John Koko, the founder of Horse Soldier Bourbon, spends part of his time in Montana where he, Ted and I came up with the idea to do something to bring the best of Montana’s Yellowstone Foods Snacks and Horse Soldier Bourbon together.

Flavored with a bespoke combination of Horse Soldier® barbeque sauce, maple syrup, and hot sauce and finished with a bourbon whiskey glaze, Horse Soldier Bison Jerky pairs the natural, rugged quality of the west with the legendary, smooth flavor of Kentucky bourbon. The jerky is available at all Horse Soldier store locations and online at Horse Soldier Bison Jerky – Horse Soldier Bourbon.

The jerky is off to a great start, and one of the fun things to do is use it in the newest Horse Soldier inspired cocktail, the Horse Soldier Trailblazer.

To read more about this partnership see the full press release.


We appreciate the feedback and support we have received! We look forward to where Yellowstone Foods will go in 2024! If you are interested in trying our products, please use code BLOG2024 for 15% off your order on (one time purchase available until February 28th).